When a kitten leaves home:

  • It will be at least 12 weeks
  • It will be dewormed three times
  • It will have a health certificate from a veterinarian
  • It will be vaccinated
  • It will be chipped
  • It will have a FIFe pedigree and be registrated in NRR
  • It has a valid contract from NRR
  • It has got lots of love 

The selling price for a kitten is 8500 NOK. For booking a kitten there will be a non refundable deposit of 2000 NOK. 

We are just an email or a phonecall away if there´s any question.


NO litter this year

We are hoping for one or two litters in 2019.

Feel free to take a look on previous litters below.

The 100 litter (2016)


Stella gave birth to three boys July 18. Two of them are white and the latter is black macharel tabby (NFO 23). 

This time we have picked names from the television series "The 100":

The black macharel is named Bellamy.
One of the white is called Murphy.
The third one we call Marcus Cane.


The Kardashian litter (2015)

Hello world!

(N) Ravnklos's Stella Polaris and Sommernar av Fager *D have become parents to four beautiful kittens 1st December 2015. Stella Polaris gave birth to three white kittens and one tortie. The largest of the white ones is for sure a boy and the rest are girls. We will keep one the girls in the cattery for future breeding.

The name of the litter is from the famous American reality television series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".


The cars litters (2014)

15th October 2014 (N) Ravnklo's Stella Polaris gave birth to four beautiful kittens.

We simply love films from Pixar and the characters in the movie Cars 1 and 2. From Radiator Springs we have picked some we think live up to their names:

Lynet McQuuen (Lightning McQueen): Lynet is desperate to race and win. Always curious and on the run. Either trying to escape from his siblings or in deep sleep :) The fastest and the explorer in the litter.

Doc Hudson: Really the "Fabulous Hudson Hornet", a three-time Piston Cup winner who has got nothing more to prove. Staying calm and relaxed he likes to eat and play with his siblings. The heaviest so far.

Helle Høygir (Holley Shiftwell): A beautiful young British desk agent, relies on every trick in the spy manual. In real life she is a lovely kitten full of joy and care of her sister and brothers. She is a tortie and the smallest in the litter, so far.

Mack: Lightning McQueens`s best freind. Firstborn in the litter. A trusting and beautiful kitten full of play and curiosity. The one who calls highest on her mother when he needs her.