When a kitten leaves home:

  • It will be at least 12 weeks
  • It will be dewormed three times
  • It will have a health certificate from a veterinarian
  • It will be vaccinated
  • It will be chipped
  • It will have a FIFe pedigree and be registrated in NRR
  • It has a valid contract from NRR
  • It has got lots of love 

The selling price for a kitten is 7000 NOK. For booking a kitten there will be a non refundable deposit of 2000 NOK. 

We are just an email or a phonecall away if there´s any question.


Stella and her kittens for the first time in the living room.

Kylie four weeks.

Kimberly in the kitchen for the first time. Four weeks.

Kourtney explores the couch. Four weeks.

Robert yawning a little. Four weeks.

Kourtney 9 weeks old. She stays.

Kimberly 9 weeks. Booked.

Kylie 9 weeks old and very curious. Booked.

Kimberly. Booked.

Robert 9 weeks