WEBK katten, Fåberg exhibition 30.07.2022

Foto Pernille Kramås

WEBK katten, Fåberg exhibition 30.07.2022

(N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri NFO ns, class 11 young animal, achieved EX1, BIV and NOM with two votes in panel.

I am very proud and happy about this beautiful cat with a super good temperament.

Smaalenene cat show 2022

(N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri competed in clas 11, only 7 months old at her first cat show.

On 11 th of June, (N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri got - EX1 - BIV u/j - NOM 2/2 votes in panel. Lost BIS on the extra judge.

On 12 th of June, (N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri received - EX1 - NOM - BIS.


🤩 🤩 I am so proud of this beautiful young girl 🤩 🤩


New kitten January 29, 2022

Foto: Kristin Kramås

From Kristin Kramås and her family we have received (N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri. We are grateful for this beautiful girl who is the daughter of our own Achilles. We look forward to what she brings forward in the future.

New litter December 2021

Our December litter came on the 5th and there is 1 boy and two girls. Dhyana is a caring mother. The kittens are named after the holiday in which they were born.

December, ns 2, boy
Lucia, fs 2, girl
Joy, ns 2, girl

On the picture December is at the top. Lucia to the bottom left and then Joy.
The kittens are four weeks old 

Will come back to the numbers of the EMS code soon.

All kittens are avaiable.

Expecting kittens

(N) Ravnklos Dhyana and (N) Alneskatten's Beautiful Day met in August. The result is a new litter in December 🙂. Dhyana is expecting kittens anytime now. I am really looking forward to receiving new kittens 🤩

New litter October 2021

All in silver. The boy in red silver

Flora and Achilles first litter. Flora gave birth to three beautiful kittens on October 22, 2021 😀.

Two girls and one boy are doing fine and putting on weight.

The litter has been named after Beaufort scale:
Frisk bris ns 09 24 (Fresh breeze), girl
Stiv kuling ns 24 (Strong gale), girl
Full storm ds 24  (Violent storm), boy

Please visit my Gallery for more photos. 

NO* Ultvedtkatten's Achilles achieves Champion title

Foto: Kristin Kramås

At the RORAK show on September 26, 2021, Achilles became Champion.

So proud of this boy 🙂