(N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri

The beautiful black smoke girl, (N) Ekebergtrollet's Gyri, has just joined our family. We are grateful to Kristin Kramås and her family to let Gyri move in with us. We are quite thrilled about her appearance and attitude. We are looking forward to future shows. She will take part in our breding plans.

  • Birth: October 31.10, 2021
  • EMS code NFO ns
  • Gender: Female
  • Mother: (N) Fiskerjenta's Spurv
  • Father: (NO)*Ultvedtkatten's Achilles
  • GSD-IV N/N (clear)


(N)Tingoskattens Flora

Foto: Kristin Kramås

Sweet Flora came to us on Friday 5 February 2021 from breeder Brita Schjervheim. We are grateful that Brita gave us this opportunity to let her be a part of our family. Flora will be included in breeding as well as in exhibitions in the future.


  • Birth: October 26, 2020
  • EMS code NFO fs 09
  • Gender: Female
  • Mother: (N) Tingoskattens Henni (NFO ns fs 03 22)
  • Father: (N) Tingoskattens Pepsi (NFO n 24) 
  • GSD-IV N/N (clear)

CH NO*Ultvedtkatten's Achilles

Foto: Kristin Kramås

Achilles is from my own cattery and he is a very sweet and nice young male. Achilles will take part in our breeding program in the future.


  • Birth: July 18, 2020
  • EMS code NFO ns 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Mother: (N) Ravnklo's Dhyana(NFO ns 24)
  • Father: SE*Lisselbacks Herkules (NFO ns 24) 
  • GSD-IV N/N (clear)


(N) Ravnklo's Dhyana

Dhyana born Oct. 02 2018 came to us in February 2019. She is an adorable and calm cat. Dhyana will take part in our breeding program. Thanks to Kjellaug for letting us have her!


  • Birth: Oktober 02, 20118
  • EMS code NFO ns 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Mother: (N) Ravnkol's Siri (NFO f 09 24)
  • Father: S*SillyZone's Payne (NFO ns 09 22) 
  • GSD-IV tested. Result N/N (clear)
  • Sterilized April 2022

CH Tangarina av Fager *D

Oct. 19 2015 we went to Copenhagen and visited Ulrike Wahl and Martin Kristensen. We wanted a new female cat to our cattery. We fell in love in a little black beauty called Tangarina av Fager *D She will be included in breeding as well as in exhibitions.

Due to our interest in cars, she had to be named after a cool one. What is better than a Porsche? Luckily we now own a Porsche! Thanks to Ulrikke and Martin for this lovely cat.


  • Birth: June 30, 2014
  • EMS code NFO n
  • Gender: Female
  • Mother: Axami av Fager * D (NFO n 09)
  • Father: S*Timeda's Umaami (NFO n 09 22) 
  • GSD-IV tested. Result N/N (clear)
  • Sterilized November 2021

Pedigree:Tangarina av Fager *D


(N) Ravnklo's Stella Polaris

Foto: Krisitn Kramås

We got Stella Polaris from breeder Kjellaug Skare, at (N) Ravnklo's 22 April 2013. Stella Polaris is named after Northern pole star (North Star). The closest bright star to the north celestial pole. The name stella polaris has been given to Ursae Minoris since the 16th century, even though at that time it was still several degrees away from the celestial pole.

  • Birth: January 25, 2013
  • EMS code: n 09 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Mother: (N) Ravnklo's Ylva-li (NFO n 09 24)
  • Father: (N) Fiskerjenta's Sisik (NFO n22)
  • Sterilized November 2017

Pedigree: (N) Ravnklo's Stella Polaris